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Getprosoftware.com – Building a website can not be separated by its name coding, whether it’s building from scratch or using CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others. For those of you who are studying and pursue the field of website creation, of course, you need a text editor.

What is a text editor? A text editor is a software that is used to create, save and edit documents without having to save them in a special format or extension. In another sense, the text editor allows you to create various types of files for various purposes.

With a text editor, you can open and create HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and various other text-based file types. In building websites, one of the mandatory tools for programmers is, of course, this text editor. The default text editor you can find on every operating system that exists now, for example, notepad.

However, is notepad enough? of course, the answer is no.

In developing a website, we need a comfortable “workplace”. Well, one feature that is mandatory in every text editor is syntax coloring. Syntax coloring is a coloring code to be more readable by programmers.

So what is a good text editor for developing your website? The following is the list of the Best Text Editor for Website Programs:

1. Atom

Atom is the best text editor for writers to date. This is a text editor that can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Atom has a variety of features, ranging from a variety of themes, syntax colors that are comfortable to the eye, and there are various packages that you install to suit your needs. In addition, Atom features a file system browser, multiple panes, smart autocompletion, and cross-platform editing.

atom best text editor 2019

The author always uses Atom when developing projects that are quite long in duration, because of the ease and appearance that is very good compared to other text editors. The disadvantage of the atom itself is that it is not suitable for laptops or computers with low specifications, and it is quite slow if you want to open files from explorer quickly.

Want to try atom? You can install atoms according to the operating system you are using:

Download for Atom for windows, mac and linux

2. Sublime Text

The text editor that is familiar to us all, namely Sublime Text. Sublime Text can be used on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Display that can change the shape of the font and color make the programmer not bored to use it. This feature of Sublime Text is a plugin that can make it easier for you to write program code.

sublime best editor

According to the author, sublime has the advantage of being very light and fast when opening files, but the drawback is that this sublime is a paid application, aka not free, hehehe.

Download sublime texteditor text 3

3. Visual Studio Code

This text editor is also often referred to as VS Code. VS Code was develop directly by Microsoft but can also be used on mac os and Linux. No less with the text editor mentioned above, VS Code also supports various types of programming languages.

vcstudio editor

VS Code can give you solutions for those who want an attractive appearance and existing plugins can make it easier for you to code. So it’s no wonder that many programmers use this text editor.

Download Visual Studio Code for all operating systems

4. Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE is free with a super clear and minimal design that can package some amazing features.

Various display modes include so you can quickly open or close certain windows. One is “Focus Mode” to hide all open windows and only display the editor, and the other shows / hides things like folders, syntax checker results, and notifications.

the best Komodo text editor

Komodo IDE can be used in various operating systems. Komodo IDE has a powerful editor with syntax coloring, autocomplete, code refactoring, Visual debugger, various add-ons, and supports various programming languages ​​such as Python, PHP, Perl, Go, Ruby, Node.js, JavaScript and others.

Download Komodo IDE for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems

5. Brackets

Brackets is modern that is lightweight and easy to use. This integrates visual tools into the editor so you get access to fast code help when you want it without interfering with other processes you are working on.

best brackets editor
Brackets focus on website development. This bracket was develope by Adobe and of course, you use this free text editor. Brackets are able to read PSD files and then display them in CSS. This is an advantage for web designers. If you focus on creating a website, this helps you complete your project quickly.

Download Texteditor Brackets

6. Notepad ++ Text Editor

This is very easy to use for beginners who only need a text file opener or but includes some pretty sophisticated features.

notepad ++ best editor

Notepad ++ can open almost all files as text documents and supports many cool plugins. This application includes a very practical text search/replacement function, highlights syntax automatically, completes words automatically, and is the best offline text file converter. But unfortunately, Notepad ++ is only available on the Windows operating system.

Download Notepad ++ 32bit + 64bit all Windows

Thus the article about the Best Text Editor for Website Programs may be useful.


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